Monday, July 20, 2009

Before Michael Jackson’s Moonwalk, There Were Astronauts –1969


Today marks the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moonwalk. For those of us who were alive then, it was a “where were you when” moment. I’ll never forget that summer in 1969 when I was five years old. The preceding months were all things “space”- shows, jokes, toys, food (remember Space Food Sticks & Tang?). Finally the great moment was upon us. My parents had a vacation home in a quaint little beach community nearby Huntington Beach. It was a perfect day out, and I was called inside from the beachfront by my father. There in front of the small black & white t.v. screen, our family and friends gathered to see this historical moment in history. As a child, I knew that this was a big deal, yet as the whole thing took place I felt a bit disappointed at how slooooowwww the astronauts moved, at how dark the moon was, and how difficult it was to hear what they were saying to Mission Control. My next “where were you when moment” was some ten years later when John Lennon was shot.

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