Monday, July 6, 2009

Joey Altruda Golden Age Of Film Music Podcast


As a musician and film composer, I have always been in awe of the great maestros who paved the way during the golden age of film and television- Hugo Friedhofer, Roy Webb, Bernard Herrmann, Henry Mancini, Nino Rota, Elmer Bernstein, and the list goes on… My current podcast episode of Vinyl Meltdown highlights some of these great masters, as well as other fun gems from Valley Of The Dolls, Dark Shadows, Blow Up, A Hard Days Night, etc. All episodes of Vinyl Meltdown have been archived on the Reserve site and will soon have an RSS feed for iPod downloads.
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1. Black Straightjacket- Elmer Bernstein
2. A Hard Day’s Night- George Martin Orchestra
3. Cheers!-Group I
4. Give A Little More-Patty Duke
5. It’s Impossible-Patty Duke
6. The Company Way-Nelson Riddle
7. Richard Diamond Theme-Video All Stars
8. Stud Poker-Alex North
9. Four Deuces-Ray Heindorf
10. The Café-Lionel Newman
11. Moments Of Love-Michel Legrand
12. The Street-Elmer Bernstein
13. Toots Shor’s Blues-Elmer Bernstein
14. Experiment In Terror-Henry Mancini
15. Lemonade-Kenyon Hopkins
16. Shining Faces-Nino Rota
17. Bell, Book, & Candle-George Duning
18. Blow Up-Herbie Hancock
19. Rack ‘Em Up-Quincy Jones
20. The Black Sedan-Jerry Fielding
21. Last Tango In Paris-Gato Barbieri
22. Taxi Driver Reprise-Bernard Herrmann
23. Baretta’s Theme-Henry Mancini
24. Dark Shadows Theme-Robert Cobert

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