Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Vintage Space Toy # 5


1950's Japan Bandai CO's Super Scarce Space Patrol Super Cycle with Equally Scarce Original Box & Pilot ! Just a stunning space toy with Incredibly Original Style that has spawned countless copy cat toys mimicking the "deco"-futurstic vision of a space motorcycle. Beautiful colors & lithographed space details . Friction drive with sparking effect behind the red gels at the tail & side fins. Because of the fragile nature of the driver it is believed only a handful of examples in the world survived with the pilot intact & perhaps only 3 or 4 Original boxes exist for this toy ! This example has his original Antenna & Both inside nubs to his ankles which could quite possibly be the only one in existence with this feature ! A pinnacle of any serious space toy collection .

From Ozzie’s Robots Toys & Collectibles

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