Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pulp Fiction Ceramic Kangaroo Caddy


Who remembers the scene in Pulp Fiction when Bruce Willis’ character had to retrieve his watch before making his big getaway? The watch was hanging from a 1950’s ceramic kangaroo on the bedside table. I was told that the actual prop used for this belonged to Quentin Tarentino, and that it was one of the only items he had from his father. I was just cruising the web in search of info about these kangaroos and found that someone out there has created a Pulp Fiction ceramic kangaroo caddy page. There’s a whole back story, more pictures, and they are also for sale. Pretty cool huh?
Check It Out Here


Anonymous said...

It looks kind of like an item that would have been manufactured by Holt Howard. My husband has been collecting HH for years and they're usually functional fun ceramics. If you search for Holt Howard, you'll find some very cool items. diniebear@att.net

Anonymous said...

Yep, just searched under holt howard kangaroo caddy and found it. Like your style