Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Predicta


The Predicta is a Bubble Top Show Car built by Darryl Starbird of Star Kustom Shop. The Predicta was built in 11 weeks. The Predicta was Darryl's first full-blown show car, and the car that established Darryl as a respected custom and show car builder. Dave Stuckey worked part time at Star Kustom Shop when the Predicta was built, and did a lot of welding, leading and filling on the car.

In 1960 the Predicta won Car of the Future at the National Roadster Show in Oakland, California. In 1960, Motor Life also picked the Predicta as the Top Custom of the year. The car was sent on a 17 weeks tour in 15 states, and the Predicta won major prizes everywhere it was exhibited.
(from Kustomrama)

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Anonymous said...

Cool. It seems bubble-topped two-seaters were all the rage back in the day. I can't help but wonder, though, what that cockpit was like on a So. Cal. summer day with 1960-vintage AC trying to cool you down. Drive naked. LOL. With towels.