Monday, May 4, 2009

Denise Richards Takes One For The Team

Denise Richards recently took her best shot at "Take Me Out To The Ballgame", in the name of kidney research. It took a lot of guts for her to sing in front of an entire baseball field full of people, especially without ever having known the complete lyrics to this complicated piece of music. I wonder what Simon Cowall would say?
"A+ for effort Denise, but you were just a bit pitchy (?)"
Watch with caution, and remember, she did this for a good cause.

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Preste Juan said...

What a "surprise" interpretation! The fact that bad singing is not to detract, but it demonstrates his ability to laugh himself. And that says a lot for one person.
¡Qué "sorprendente" interpretación! El hecho de que cante mal no le quita mérito, sino que demuestra su capacidad para reírse consigo mismo. Y eso dice mucho a favor de una persona.