Friday, October 9, 2009

Joey Altruda Quartet Wails At Herman Leonard Exhibit

Reserve Store_Fairfax Ave

Joey Altruda Quartet
(L-R Ramon Banda, Allen Mezquida, Joey Altruda, Theo Saunders)

I recently performed for Herman Leonard's latest photo exhibit at the Reserve Store on Fairfax Ave. The event was a sponsored by FreshJive Clothing and Etnies Shoes as a launch for their latest Fresh Jive shoe.

Herman Leonard

Herman Leonard was celebrated throughout the evening by his many fans who came out of the woodwork to pay their respects. My fifteen year friendship with Herman has thus far been one of the greatest treasures of my life. He has shared with me many things that I am forever grateful for, and it thrills me to no end that we were brought together once again for this great night of art, music and celebration.
(photos via Pix Feed LA blog)

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