Friday, October 9, 2009

Vintage Space Toys #9


"1930's USA Daisy CO's Rare Buck Rogers No. U-235 Atomic Pistol with Original Box- Arguably the best looking Art Deco style ray gun ever produced. The Atomic Pistol, or U-235, was made around 1935. Produced in a copper and a blued finish, the gun was manufactured by Daisy. This gun was sold in stores as well as merchandised as a Cream of Wheat premium in 1935 and a Popsicle premium in 1939. Length 10 inches. Copper is by far the rarer finish."

via Ozzie's Robots Toys & Collectibles

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Jack R said...

There was also a version in silver. The gun with the copper finish was actually the U-237 which had a different number of 'fins' in the design.