Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mr. Horsepower

Mr. Horsepower is the cartoon mascot and logo of Clay Smith Cams , an auto shop established in 1931. The woodpecker was a characterization of the owner, Clay Smith, as a "red-headed, cigar-smoking, fun-loving person." Mr. Horsepower is rarely without a cigar, but when he is, he has a "cigar replacement" - such as a candy cane for the holidays.
The Mr. Horsepower logo is commonly seen as a car decal or tattoo. The logo has also appeared in a wide range of movies, from the Coen brothers' Raising Arizona, where the main character, H.I., and his antithesis, Leonard Smalls, both had tattoos of Mr. Horsepower, to more recent films including Spider-Man and Gone in 60 Seconds.
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