Friday, January 23, 2009

BMW Isetta


I just found a crazy cool website dedicated to micro cars, specifically the BMW Isetta. This car has always fascinated me, especially the three wheel, front end/door concept. Take a look at the website and all the great examples/variations of theses unique vehicles!

“The car’s origins were in Milan, Italy at the scooter and refrigerator company of Iso SpA, run by Renzo Rivolta. Called Isetta, or "little Iso", the car was a startling, totally unconventional design that caused a furor at its introduction in Turin in November 1953. From this influential debut grew a number of licensed branches worldwide, the main one being BMW in Germany.”
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yolande said...
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yolande said...

hey joey,
these little cars are awesome. i fell in love with them a while back too. there was one for sale here in vegas, $13K. i almost bought it. it was gorgeous, red and white. have you ever seen the peel trident and p50?
check this out:

peace, yolande