Sunday, January 25, 2009

James Brown-Think!


I have the cover for this L.P. but the record is missing. Supposedly this release of the James Brown Think! L.P. was recalled because of the white baby on the cover, then re-released with a different cover design. I’m not sure how true this is, but a friend of mine who is a James Brown completist says the baby cover is worth a helluva lot more than the re-release. Does anyone have any more info about this???


Bobby Horton said...

If they recalled it because of the cover, they forgot to tell Polydor when they reissued it on CD a couple of years ago with this cover! It's a great CD of James Brown's early material. They also reissued "Try Me" (with what looks like a charcoal drawing of a sleek 60's chick) and "Please, Please, Please". I can't find that what (except as a Japanese import). The cover on that one is great--it's a waist-down photo of a woman chastising her man from the front porch.

Anonymous said...


The baby cover was pressed in low quantities. Because James Brown didn't sell lp's in mid 50's early 60's period. His breakthrough came with the Apollo live lp. Before that only R&B fans knew about him.
That cover is with a first pressing quite rare. A mint copy of both album and cover can fetch about 500/1000 usd. Most of the time you see trashed copies. The other rare covers are the please please please ( king 610) and the try me ( gun cover).
In the 80's polydor japan did nice reissues.