Sunday, January 18, 2009

Origins Of the Tuxedo


1885-As the gilt-edged society of Tuxedo Park developed its own social schedule, some new names began to appear. For example, there was James Brown Potter, one of the founders of Tuxedo Park, who was elected to membership in the Tuxedo Club at the organizational meeting held at Delmonicos, in New York City in November 1885. According to the archives, Mr. Potter was introduced to the idea of the Dinner Jacket by the Prince of Wales, who later became Edward VII.

The first Autumn Ball, held at the Tuxedo Club in October 1886, is marked as the official first appearance of the Dinner Jacket. Then, it is said Griswold Lorillard and his friends startled the people attending the Ball by wearing a scarlet satin lapelled Dinner Jacket, without tails, while all others were attired in the traditional white-tie and tails. And thus was born the elegant garment forevermore to be know as the 'Tuxedo.'
The actual word Tuxedo has origins from the Algonuin Indians dating back to the 1700s.
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