Thursday, January 22, 2009

Marshall W. Stearns-1959

(photo by Walter Sanders)

Marshall W. Stearns was a professor of English Literature at Hunter college, also founder and executive director of the Institute of Jazz Studies. His books, “The Story Of Jazz”, and “Jazz Dance:The Story Of American Vernacular Dance” are great examples of early jazz studies and analysis. Even though these books were written more than fifty years ago, they still contain some very pertinent info and insights, also serving as a very interesting time capsule.
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Christian said...

these posts are great mr. altruda! are the crucial riddims done playing shows at the bordello?

jazzfidelity said...

A great tribute page to one of the somewhat forgotten jazz critics of the 1950s. Sometime during the early 80s Mark Goodale gave me a handful of jazz books he picked up at a local library used book sale, among them were early copies of Leroi Jones' "Black Music" and Stearns' The Story of Jazz, so I feel inspired to dig it out and read it again.