Sunday, January 4, 2009

Johnny Sokko & Giant Robot

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Johnny Sokko was a young Japanese kid that gained control of a giant flying robot...called imaginatively, Giant robot. The earth was under attack by The evil emperor Guillotine and his mob of earthling foot soldiers, the Gargoyle Gang.
Johnny Sokko is on a trip, to, well, we don't know. We just know he's on a boat and he meets fellow passenger, Jerry Mano. Jerry is posing as a writer, but he's actually a secret agent for UNICORN, an organization pledged to defend mankind. That sounds more dramatic than what is shown. First off, James Bond Jerry is not. He blows his cover after talking to Johnny, a twelve or so year old kid, in two minutes. But that's not Jerry's biggest problem. Just as he and Johnny are getting to know each other, the sea monster, Dracolon attacks!
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