Thursday, January 1, 2009

Origins Of Pornography

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You may not be surprised to hear that there’s little hard information to be had about the dawn of porn. But while data about 'the first’ porn books, photos and films remains elusive, a fair bit is known about the 'oldest surviving’ examples of these genres. Porn historian Luke Ford has written an extensive history of the early sex film industry which is posted on his highly informative web site. Condensing his work and rephrasing a little gives us this short report on the birth of the porno flick: 'Motion pictures began in 1894. By 1896, actress Louise Willy was disrobing in the French film Le Bain. Other French flicks before the turn of the century offered similar fare while in Germany, producer Oskar Messter revealed women taking off their clothes, exercising, dancing or bathing.
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