Monday, February 16, 2009

Joe Cuba-Godfather Of The Boogaloo-R.I.P.

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Godfather of the Boogaloo, Joe Cuba (born Giberto Calderon, 1931), has passed away at the age of 78 . Best know for hits songs, “El Pito”, “Bang Bang”, and “To Be With You”, the Joe Cuba Sextet was the forerunner in the Boogaloo craze of the 1960’s, blending elements of Afro-Cuban music, with Motown & soul, reaching a huge crossover audience. I’m happy to have had the opportunity to see him perform some years ago, when he made a West Coast comeback to a packed house at The Conga Room in Los Angeles.
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yolande said...

Hay Joey-

Thanks for posting all the cool shit. I love it and appreciate it.

By the way, something I found with some of the records being transferred to CD is that the CD quality lacks that warm musical essence created with the original. Major disappointment to say the least. When you listen to the record, it transports you somewhere else; you feel the ambiance and the mood of the's all there on the LP. However, on so many of the CD reissues format, somehow, that "magic" is just gone. This is so sad sad sad. Being another passionate music lover this irks me SO!!

Thanks so much for listening to my gripe. I know you understand.

"Oh vinyl, I miss you so!"

Peace, Yo