Saturday, February 7, 2009

Chris Reccardi

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I first met Chris Reccardi back in 1990 when he was working on the first episodes of Ren & Stimpy at Spumco on Melrose Ave. Those were some exciting times, especially for me to have the privilege of seeing those great pieces of animation come to life from the storyboarding, through the final processes including the company’s first viewings before they were aired for public consumption. Since then, I’ve seen Mr. Reccardi’s artwork continue to flourish, taking on a life of it’s own-A truly unique voice in art. His website has a wonderful array of paintings and I see that there is a new iPhone app containing 36 of his images from Genius Corp.
Check Out The Chris Reccardi Website Here!
Chris Reccardi Myspace
Happy Happy, Joy Joy!

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Daniel said...

I love Spumco, and miss the George Liquor show. It was preflash Shockwave animation, and it worked on dialup. I don't miss dialup, though.