Friday, February 6, 2009

Herman Leonard’s Latest Exhibit

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(Louis Armstrong & Duke Ellington -Paris 1960)

I had the great honor of performing for the opening of Herman Leonard’s latest exhibit last night at A & I Gallery in Hollywood. It was truly awe inspiring to see his work up close and personal once again, especially the variety of not only his classic jazz photos, but also pieces from the legendary Crazy Horse burlesque show in Paris, fashion work for Dior, Marilyn Monroe, Emmet Kelly, and some really nice contemporary things from New Orleans pre-Katrina. A beautiful book has been printed of the photos on display, including a a rare portrait of Nico (Velvet Underground) from 1958 in Paris. Herman was the life of the party as usual, with the vitality and enthusiasm of a twenty year old. Needless to say, he is an anomaly, a true inspiration, and one of the greatest treasures of my life as a friend. The Exhibit runs until March 13 in Hollywood, then moves to A & I Gallery Santa Monica from March 20 thru May 13 (2008).
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Geraldine said...

Joey! You and the band were great..just perfect! You added just the right feel for the evening! Herman sends his love! Geraldine Baum, Herman Leonard Photography

Joey Altruda said...

Thank You So Much. It was a truly memorable evening!