Tuesday, February 3, 2009

1951 Buick LeSabre


By 1949, Harley Earl had discovered a fresh source for inspiration – the jet plane. Enamored by proportions and technology, Earl commissioned the LeSabre.
Like the aircraft it emulates, the LeSabre is made entirely of lightweight aluminum, fiberglass and magnesium. Jet inspired cues including rear fins impart dramatic styling and presence. The LeSabre also features the first ever wraparound windshield. The LeSabre became a traveling ambassador for GM overseas and remains amongst the most famous Motorama cars.
GM Press Release

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Albert said...

Harley Earl and Virgil Exner (of Chrysler) were the automotive design geniuses of their day, and we owe them such a debt for the beauty of 1950's American automobiles. The GM fins were streamlined out after 1960 except on the Cadillacs.